Security Tips

CIF/NIF: A95653077


At Esanda Bank. we have the necessary systems and measures to protect our customers and transactions, and ensure you follow our Security Tips recommendations to keep maximum security to your account:

  • Make sure that you are in a secure webpage of Esanda Bank.: in the address bar of your browser you will see
  • Transactions with Authorization Code: Depending on your account status, the first time you are making funds transfer from your newly created account y, or when you carry out transactions which may require a higher amount level of security, you will require coordinates or require Authorization/Security Code to validate and authorize such remittances, mandate acceptances at the time of making fund transfer.
  • Blocked service and transactions: Esanda Bank. may temporarily block both the service as well as certain transactions for maximum security reasons when there are well-founded suspicions attempt of operation (s), unauthorized or fraudulent activity
The usual behavior of the online banking client is analyzed: unusual transactions are analyzed to warn you immediately if they seem to be suspicious act. Abide by these rules when creating and safeguarding your Passwords and PIN Code:

  • Outside these secure pages, you must never provide your personal data or Passwords and Pin Code. In this regard,we assure you that they will never request these confidential data via email, the phone or any other similar means. Likewise, you must never access the service through links included in email messages
  • Keep you passwords in a safe place, do not write them in places which are accessible to others or keep them in a file on your computer.
    Keep the PIN Code in a safe place and do not let anybody have access to it. Change your password regularly and check your account statements or balance regularly.
    Passwords are personal and you must not share them with any party. In online banking, where several people may have access to accounts on the Internet, each of these people must have and safe keep their own passwords
  • Remember that, as the holder of the service, you assume the responsibility for any transactions which may be carried out using your "Password" and, if appropriate, for your PIN Code.
    Beware of messages which request passwords for security reasons, offers, statistics..., and be very careful with the files you download from unreliable websites on the Internet, those you receive attached to the mail or through file sharing programs (P2P).
  • Do not use the service on public or shared computers or in unprotected Wi-Fi networks. And once you finish operating in secure environments, use the "Log out session" option which logs you out and prevents any further transactions from being carried out in the same session.

In the event that you have any doubt regarding an e-mail received or if you have provided any data unknowingly or notice any suspicious act/attempt on your account; Please Contact Esanda Bank. customer relations by Email: in order to block access to your contracts by any distance banking channel.